It is said, that the priests of Chaldea practised pathetism as a medicinal agent, many years before the Christian era. Celsus, a philosopher of the first century after Christ, speaks of a physician, who soothed the ravings of the insane by manipulations and he adds, that his manual operations, when continued for some time, produced a degree of sleep or lethargy. Various authors, from the earliest ages, have referred to cases of disease which have been cured by similar means ; and almost every sect of enthusiasts has had its records of cures performed, not, indeed, by miracle, but in some instances, it may have been, by the touch or friction of the human hand ; as it is the cure of certain diseases, long before the days of Mesmer. In no other country where this agency has become known, has its therapeutic benefits been so little sought after, or so poorly appreciated, as in our own. This may be accounted for, in part, by the manner inwhich this subject has been exhibited, from time totime, in different places. Where people have to depend upon public exhibitions, and know nothing more of its use than what they see in experiments made for mercenary purposes, we are not to expect them to place a very high estimate upon any of its alleged practical benefits.


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Pathetism With Practical Instructions Dr LA Roy Sunderland