My first contact with the paranormal goes back to 1962, the year a book called The Morning of the Magicians became a best-seller. I found the book’s blend of fiction and reality a little hard to swallow, but I had to admit that its collection of data, most of which seemed to support the hypothesis that para- normal phenomena do, in fact, exist, was disconcerting. I felt relieved when a
group calling themselves the Rational Union published a refutation entitled The Evening of the Magicians, which exposed the inconsistencies and weaknesses of the original work. Once again the bright sun of Logic rose in the sky of Reason, encompassing all, leaving no corner of darkness.
I was reassured – everything could be explained, and what logic could not account for simply did not exist. This extremely comfortable intellectual position resulted in my rejecting anything that was really new – and therefore incomprehensible. Understanding means ‘standing under’ – adding a piece to the edifice of our knowledge. If the piece is too new, if it does not quite fit in with all the other pieces, it is promptly rejected.


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