The brilliant “Paracelsus was conversant with traditional academic medicine and naturalism, both ancient and medieval,” and shared with his contemporaries a perspective “transmitted in the esoteric and largely suppressed medieval literature of the ‘prohibited arts’ of alchemy and astrology… In Paracelsus’ hands… this lore became, if not scientific, at least protoscientific… His ideas—those of a naturalist, physician, spiritualist and symbolist thinker, and passionately religious and charitable fighter against perceived evil—are reflected” in works such as this first edition, in English of his Supreme Mysteries of Nature. “Natural magic meant, to Paracelsus, capturing and demonstrating heavenly ‘gifts,’ rather than cultivating demons” (DSB). “Paracelsus’ reputation as a founder of chemistry rests on his Archidoxa… His chemical achievements form the link between medieval alchemy and the powerful Paracelsian movement of the 1570s that culminated in the rise of iatrochemistry in the late 16th and 17th centuries”— Of the spirits of the planets. Occult philosophy. The magical, sympathetical, and antipathetical cure of wounds and diseases. The mysteries of the twelve signs of the zodiack.


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Paracelsus of the Supreme Mysteries of Nature - R Turner