For contemporary magicians, the sense of being on the leading edge of cultural transition tends to be encapsulated in the concept of a new Aeon. Thus the profusion of ‘new aeons’ projected by various magical paradigms. So as not to be seen to be missing an essential item in their magical script, some Chaos Magicians have begun to project the glamour of the Fifth Aeon -
the Pandemonaeon. The concept of a new aeon has several magical functions: 1. It provides a filter through which the magician can examine current social trends, possible developments, and how they may be influenced. 2. It acts as an Ideosphere for the development of new ideas, concepts and techniques from outside the boundaries of his present Achievable Reality. 3. It can become a meta aim to unify groups and orders towards working for a common goal, and act as a gambit to aid the design of possible futures. Unlike many of the prevailing new aeons, the Pandemonaeon is envisaged as being different for each individual who projects themselves within its frame. Just as Chaos Magick emerges from the diversity and transience of modern culture, so does the Pandemonaeon typify the trend towards individualism becoming separate from any totalizing belief or narrative, be it metaphysical or scientific.


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