The sign language of the hand in some form or other, is so ancient that no present historical works fix its date. Homer is said to have written a volume upon it. Plato and Aristotle delivered essays on it. Most people of today are aware that the now recognized art or science of Palmistry, was practiced to some extent in the remotest times and seems to have traveled from China through India, into Egypt and thence to Europe and America. It may have found its origin in the act of hand-shaking, a symbolical act originally, and agreed upon between the hand-shakers as a sure sign and proof that no concealed weapon was held, or danger of treachery need be apprehended by either of the greeting parties. And how significantly, to-day, the hand-shake reveals the emotions of the heart. There are hand clasps that are magnetic, full of the feeling of confi- dence, good fellowship, warm welcome, and sweet soul sympathy. The honest hand-shake. Then there are lackadaisical hand-shakes ; " a hand like a cold haddock," distrusting its owner and therefore instinctively distrusting everybody else. Hand-shaking may almost be regarded as disclosing a sixth sense. The highly developed sensitive person, gets a telegraphic message through the contact, which like a flash of lightning discloses the predominant characteristics of the person whose hand is shaken.


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Palmistry the Science of Reading