The history, of Cartomancy, or card-reading, dates back to a time so remote and obscure that it has no authentic beginning. So far as can be learned, all of the earlier forms of cards were used solely for such purpose, or for instruction. They were introduced into European countries by wandering tribes of Gypsies, who are supposed to be lineal descendants of Egyptian races, and who were, and still are, noted as card readers. The cards originally used by them were what is known as Tarot Cards, having but little resemblance to the modern playing cards. In India, Persia, China and other Oriental countries, traces are found of cards which at a very early date were used for divination and instruction. From the Tarot Cards, however, have been derived the modern playing cards. The number of cards in the pack have been reduced, and the symbols and methods of use have also been materially changed.


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Pahlavi Cartomancy or Card Reading - S A Mounton & L V Moulton 1904v