It seems to be an undeniable fact, that, before the coming of Jesus Christ, nations had immemorially and universally believed, that the universe, or nature, was an uncreated but animated being, whose vast body comprised the earth, the sun, the planets and the stars, to which one great soul impressed motion and life. Also they believed that all those principal parts, or, in other words, principal members of the body of the universe, were animated by emanations or irradiations of the great soul of the universe, or nature. This Pantheistic doctrine we find recorded by the Chaldean Zoroaster, in his Zend-Avesta; by the Phœnician Sanchoniaton in his Mythological History; by the author of the Indian Vedam; and by the Chinese Confucius, in his Theology. Weighty is the testimony of those authors, who lived, Confucius perhaps excepted, at about the time of Moses. Also, the above doctrine they themselves believed and taught. More, we find the same testimony, the same doctrine, and the same teaching, in nearly all the works of the celebrated poets, orators and philosophers of posterior ages.


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Pagan Origin of Partialist Doctrines - Rev. John C Pitrat