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The problem of evil is an ancient one. It would be simple to invert the meanings of good and evil and let our work rest on that worn-out maneuver. We will not do this. Instead, like our adversaries, we shall assert that the struggle between good and evil is simply a struggle about the role of man in the universe. Is man "free" or is he property? Man has almost always been property to one degree or
another. A piece of property can be used by its owner, sold, leased or rented. A free man cannot be treated that way, unless, of course, he consents. A free man can take his own life. A free man can ingest what he wills and live as he sees lit. He can choose to help another or not. If he chooses to
live with others, we assert that he must obey one rule: notto initiate violence to get what he wants. Thus evil, if such a term is needed, is simply, for us, the initiation of violence. This is, of course, what the government and the church doto you if you disobey, since they have acquired a monopolyon "legitimate" violence. Thus, though we promised not toinvert the classical meanings of good and evil, we inadvertently have.

Pacts With the Devil