Some of us call ourselves witches or Witches. Some of us call ourselves Pagans, philosophers, humanists, or simply spiritual people. Others identify as Goddess-worshippers or Nature-honorers. Do the labels matter? Sometimes they do. Sometimes we need a label to finally make sense of what we believe. This anthology collects the first-hand experiences and stories of real people as they discover, explore, and walk their Pagan paths. Whatever the word they have chosen to use to identify their spiritual choices, every single one of them is a regular, everyday person who has dealt with the pressure of self- identification, then identification within a larger community— be it family, the workplace, or the public in general. For most, the very first step of admitting to themselves they are Pagans is the hardest. In other words, candidly defining what they felt, dedicating themselves, or acknowledging in some way that this path, this faith, this spiritual way was their own, was the most difficult part. In effect, they came out of the broom closet to themselves. For some, once that first unveiling was complete, there was joy. For others, there was then a different kind of coming out required—to those around them.


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