The Order of Nine Angles first used the term acausal nearly four decades ago, appropriating it from Myatt’s early work on Cliology and which work of his evolved to become his theory of the bifurcation (and a new ontology) of Being and thence his Physics of Acausal Energy. In these four decades since our first use of this term, there has been much speculation – among both ONA Initiates and esoteric folk in general – about what exactly, in esoteric terms it means, and what, if any, relation this term bears to non-esoteric theories such as Chaos theory and Quantum Mechanics. In particular, when both Chaos theory and Quantum Mechanics were fashionable subjects among mundane and Magian Occultists, attempts were made by such people to explain sorcery in terms of both those subjects, with some books and articles written by some the pretentious Occult illiterati proclaiming such things as “Chaos is the creative principle behind all magic[k]...” and “A Chaos Magician... sees beyond the systems and dogmas to the physics behind the magical force,” and even quite laughable pretentious babble such as, “I show how...the three dimensional transactional time in the HD8 interpretation of quantum and particle physics could allow divination and enchantment to occur.”


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Order of Nine Angles - Sorcery and the Esoteric Nature of The Acausal