In our esoteric philosophy the individual human being is regarded as a nexion. As having both an acausal and a causal nature, and as possessing, or being imbued with, a certain amount of acausal energy and which acausal energy is what animates physical matter making it ‘alive’. In one sense, the psyche of the individual is how some of this energy is naturally manifest in us, and an esoteric praxis such as our Seven Fold Way – or our Way of the Rounwytha – are a means whereby we can rationally apprehend and thus come to know and understood and control such energies/forces, some of which are archetypal in nature when perceived exoterically. In addition, the nexion that is the individual is part of the matrix of all living beings, human, of Nature, of the Cosmos. That is, the individual is a connexion to all other Life, terran and otherwise, although this connexion is dormant and undeveloped in most human beings. That is, a latent faculty. One of the aims of many Occult ways – be they termed of the Left Hand Path or of the Right Hand Path – is to make the individual aware of this connexion that they are, open it, and develop it, and certain esoteric techniques have been developed in order to try and accomplish this, with Initiation often being regarded as the beginning of this process. Our techniques to open and then develop this inner nexion
include Insight Roles, the adversarial praxis of the Niner, the Grade Rituals (especially Internal Adept and the Camlad Rite of The Abyss) and the acquisition of skills developed by techniques such as The Star Game and Esoteric Chant.


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