The interpretation of dreams says Professor Freud in one place, '' is the royal road to a knowledge of the part the unconscious plays in the mental life." Even standing alone this statement is sufficiently striking; it is at once a theory and a challenge. But it does not stand alone. It comes at the end of many years of research among every class of mental diseases. It comes, therefore, with the authentication of experience. It is not to be lightly set aside ; it claims our study ; and the study of it will not go unrewarded. It would be interesting to ask the reason. Is it our metaphysical training? Is it the failure of the philosophical schools to realize the value of all this new raw material of study? Is it, perhaps, the fear that '' the unity of consciousness" may be endangered by the study of Double Personality, Multiple Personality, Dissociation of Consciousness, Dormant Complexes, Hysterias, Phobias, Obsessions, Psycho neuroses, Fixed Ideas, Hysterical Amnesias, Hypermnesias, and the masses of other notions correlated roughly, under the term " unconscious " ? The suggestion of fear is not mere conjecture.


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