People tend to view Cursing in the same way that they view masturbation. There's a hell of a lot of it goes on, but most people aren't going to admit to it, much less that they're any good at it, or have made a careful study of it. Another common factor between the two practices is that those individuals who come to rely too heavily on either, are generally awarded the same appellation .... Wankers! But what, after all, constitutes a Curse? This (2 fingers) is a curse - meaning, 'may your wife be unfaithful to you'. "Fuck Off and Die" - a curse "Have you heard about so and so - they've got AIDS" - a very powerful curse indeed. In popular Occultism, Cursing is pretty definitely seen as 'Black Magick', except of course when you can justify your reasons for doing it - like the Wiccans who once attempted to Magically attack me because I was plugging 'the Left-Hand Way' in Pagan News Cursing is generally held up as being against 'natural laws of magick' - whatever they are, as being rendered ineffective due to the 'law of three-fold return' - whatever that is, or against the moral injunction that a 'good' magician shouldn't need to curse. All of which flies in the face of a great deal of evidence to the contrary, from historical accounts of wizardry to surviving shamanic societies, that magicians do curse, and occasionally, it even works. The only real distinction appears to be a moral one - if thine enemy curses, it's because he's a 'black' magician. If you curse, it's because of necessary circumstances.


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