The folio MS. -which I have the honour to exhibit to the Society, and which has been bound in calf and vaguely lettered Varia Curiosa, is a fragment consisting of 45 leaves, forming ff. 197-241 of the original compilation, and appears to belong to the latter part of the fifteenth century, and to be the production of some German artist of the Augsburg school. The treatise is of an astronomico- astrological character, and commences with some general observations headed " Concerning the whole of the heavens and stars," which deal with astronomical distances, etc. The writer passes on (f.199) to speak of the heaven of the fixed stars : " The firmament of heaven is a circle, in which circle are the fixed stars or the constellations. Under the same circle is another circle, that of the Zodiac." He then proceeds (ff. 199A-210A) to treat of the Zodiacal Signs, and mentions whether each is diurnal or nocturnal.11 Throughout the treatise he uses the formula: " is a Sign of the heaven and has many stars." He then (f. 210A) treats of the Extra-zodiacal Signs, and observes :— " You perceive the Signs are 36. The first is Ursa Minor under the North Pole, which is called by another name, Tramontane [i. e. because on one side of the Mons Coelius, where on sits the Pole Star, styled in Assyrian Dayan-same, 'Judge of heaven,' and 'the Crown of heaven,' as having the highest seat or throne among the heavenly host], and which has the appearance of being under the Dragon's tail (vide fig.f.212). The other is called the Southern Tramontane, which by another name is styled Ursa [=Arktos, the Sanskrit, or rather Vedic, Hiksha, ' Shiner']Major, and is stretched out behind the Dragon's head." **Fully Colored Illustrations


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On a German Astronomico-Astrological Manuscript - R Brown 1892