Many years ago our forefathers, who lived far away in the Northland, thought that everything in the world was controlled by some god or goddess, who had special care of that thing. When spring came they said, " Iduna is waking." In early summer, when grass covered the hillsides and grain waved in the valleys, they said, "Sif is preparing a plentiful harvest." When thunder clouds rolled across the sky and lightning flashed, they said, "Thor is driving his chariot and throwing his hammer." They were glad when the long, light days of summer came, and said, "We love Balder the beautiful. Balder the good." But they shrank from the scorching heat of later summer, and said, "We fear the pranks of Loki, the mischief maker." They saw the rainbow, and called it the bridge leading up to the home of the gods. They loved the gods who were kind to them ; and they dreaded the frost giants and storm giants, who were the enemies of gods and men.


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Old Norse Stories - Sarah Powers Bradish