Your birthday is the most important day in your life—for unless you had been born, you certainly would not be here at all! And yet how few people realize the importance and significance of that event! Out of all eternity, how came it about that you were born just when you were? Why should that moment of time be set apart for your birth more than any other? Wise men who have thought on this question say that this cannot be due to mere chance ; there must be some reason, some law, at work. They set about ascertaining this law —which relates to the time of birth—and discovered it in the science of Astrology. Every one is born under slightly different influences and circumstances; so no two people are exactly alike. No matter whether they are members of the same family, they may be strikingly dissimilar, and outsiders would not recognize them as brothers and sisters. not recognize them as brothers and sisters. This, says Astrology, is because the aspects of the heavens—the influences brought to bear upon the infant at the moment of birth—are so different.


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Ogilvie's Astrological Birthday Book - L Bernart 1915