The Ogham character, the " fair writing " of ancient Irish literature, is called the JBobel-loth, Bethluis or Bethluisnion, from its initial letters, like the Grasco-Phoenician " Alphabeta," and the Arabo Hebrew "Abjad." It may briefly be described as formed by straight or curved strokes, of various lengths, disposed either perpendicularly or obliquely to an angle of the substance upon which the letters were incised, punched, or rubbed. In monuments supposed to be more modern, the letters were traced, not on the edge, but upon the face of the recipient surface ; the latter was originally wood, staves and tablets; then stone, rude or worked; and, lastly, metal, silver, and rarely iron. The place of the bevel was often taken by a real or an imaginary perpendicular, or horizontal, bisecting the shortest notches representing vowel-cuts ; or, more generally, by a Fleasgh, stem-line, trunk-line, or Rune-Staff.


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Ogham - Runes and El -Mushajjar Burton 1882