“As there are as many Chaos Magicians as there are Chaoists practicing magic, I cannot speak for the subject in general but only for my own Chaoism and Chaos Magic. However, if you want a oneline definition with which most Chaoists would probably not disagree, then I offer the following. Chaoists usually accept the meta-belief that belief is a tool for achieving effects; it is not an end in itself." Some say the end is near and we will see Armageddon soon, but I say the end is here and I will bring Armageddon soon. Because when the world comes crashing down upon their heads, they will simply gaze into the fiery doom and sigh a last breathe of resignation. How could they escape this ever impending end? The reach of the black abyss is long, for as they say, all death is certain. But I stare into the dark and ask, can we find ourselves so close to death, so often...that we become kin to it? What will happen toour world, when death comes for one of us, and we look him in his empty eyes andbanish him from our presence? ...what were those words ...Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Believe nothing; Dare all, on earth there is no reckoning. Magick is an art, ever changing and totally dependant on the artist. However magick is a science as well, for the scientific method may be applied to any working.Magicians armed with Quantum Physics textbooks and the Necronomicon. An eternal age of chaos is upon us, and you must be able to change and adapt as we progress. You must learn to drop ideas and beliefs and replace them with new understandings; no truth is THE truth, and there are no absolutes, only personal truth and understanding. There is only thought. All the power, all the knowledge, all the wisdom of the ages is already there, latent, inside you. Now the task is to develop the control, power, and experience to be able to tap into that power – Magick. Definitions of magick are a dime a dozen; some say magick is experiencing truth, others say it is enacting change in accordance with will, and others say magick is the art of creation. I tend to agree with them all, because in chaos they are all valid. Magick is experiencing truth, because by using the truth of beliefand acting on it through magick we are experiencing the truth of those beliefs. However,we change our beliefs and then experience the truth of those as well, even if they say the other isn’t true. Magick is quite obviously enacting change in accordance with will because I mean, that’s the core of basic magick, getting what you want, or what you will. Now the art of creation, this is something I hold to closely. Magick is what created us, it is what will destroy us, and it is what we will be reborn from. We must seek to commune with our higher self, our true self, true will. We must become that will, that being; we must become the light.


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Occultus Conturbo - The Book Of Radicals- Frater Vicious Sheosyrath