One of the most important works penned within the realm of theosophy, "Occultism For Beginners" is truly just that- a primer and introductory work detailing some of the more general beliefs of theosophy, written by William Dower, who headed the Temple of the People. The work is broken into lessons- short entries dwelling specifically on the topic of "correspondences" between aspects of the physical and the divine, especially those found in cells, the brain and its components, other organs, and in the world of atoms and radioactivity, applying these concepts to disease, health, and the spiritual realm and astral reality surrounding it. It may be seen, in a way, as a more modern mode of alchemy, an updated, Edwardian-era Paracelsian work of importance within a spiritual movement which has had lasting impact on the world from its birth over a century ago into the modern age.


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Occultism for Beginners W Dower 1917