The red flush of a setting sun already casts its dying reflection over the whole body of knowledge of the modern world. All is changed. The scientific work of the three last centuries has been proved one-sided and incomplete. It originated with the study of phenomena of movement in Nature, initiated by Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton; but these were the product of dead matter, and formed but part of a system which cannot be taken as representing the whole. The widening of our intellectual horizon and the consideration of other branches of reality have already produced far-reaching alterations in our mechanical conception of the world. They have brought about revolutionary changes in theory, even in the realm of dead matter. It is enough to mention in proof of this the dissolution of the elements and the principle of relativity.But far more fundamental are the changes wrought in our conception of the universe by reason of the introduction of facts from the mental and organic worlds. These two sections represent independent spheres of study. When they are given due weight to in our theories, the world of our conception assumes a stillmore changed appearance.


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Occultism and Modern Science - T Oesterreich