This book is not intended to be "scientific" or even rational! It is rather to be taken intuitively and it should be used not as a source of study and thinking, but as a source of dreaming and inspiration. In other words, it speaks to the intuitive mind and to the unconscious rather than to the cortical mind. I do hope, however, that it will arouse in the reader some respect for the ancient wisdom left us by our forbears. In many cases they suffered great brutalities for their heresies, so that we might be able to buy them in paperback editions at the local liquor store. But just because we can buy them at the liquor store, we are prone to not value the tragic cost to those who made this easy access to truth possible to us today. Such great sacrifice deserves more reward than the superficial attention we give to them as curiosities.


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Occult Psychology by Alta J LaDage