The word ‘occult’ is a rather loaded one in our contemporary society, and conjures up a great many images ranging from satanic sorcerers, to stuffy armchair wizards, or wild witches. While all of those sorts of individuals fill our world, wielding magick both great and petty, there is a wider spectrum of occult forces at work in our world. Whether you are a curious beginner or a veteran practitioner, the fact that you have even read this far means that there is magick in your life, and that you want more. This book has been created to serve you as a guide and a tool on your journey through this magical life, please consider this my contribution to the enrichment of you as an occult force in your own right. If you are going to seriously pursue a mastery of magick then youneed to prepare yourself to let go of results, at least in the way that the scientific mind is trained to measure such things. The fact that you just cast a blessing spell and your friend just landed that dream job could very well be coincidence. Coincidence and probability manipulation are critical components of understanding how and why magick works, because the human mind thrives on the notion of causality. The principle that everything has a cause is one that I find to be at the core of magick.