Phenomena, under the name "Hypnotism," draw increased and deserved attention. For nearly one hundred and fifty years it has been known and, under-various names, produced for amusement, mystifying, study, or physical benefit. It has been best known as "Mesmerism" and "Animal Magnetism." It now has a literature of its own and occupies much attention in the secular press. Its friends are in every walk of life. Schools and mail courses of study are plentiful. It is destined to be a most powerful factor in the therapeutic, educational and reformatory growth of the new century. That these phenomena exist is now no longer doubted. Their importance is admitted by all who give the subject even a casual study. The author believes that the principle involved in this phenomena is the most important man has yet discovered, that it is destined to produce greater changes in man and his environments than any pre vious discovery. Believing this, he is devoting his energies in assisting the development of a proper understanding of this Principle in popular mind. He believes it to be the one Thought needed to bring in the age foretold by prophet and priest.


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Not Hypnotism But Suggestion - H Harrison Brown