God created the first man, which was Adam, from eight things ; the bones from stone, the flesh from earth, the blood from water, the heart from wind, the thoughts from clouds, the sweat from dew, the hair from grass, the eyes from the sun, and then blew in the holy spirit ; and then from his rib he created Eve, Adam's companion. 2. In many places in the north of Germany, chiefly on eminences or elevated plains, there is found a species of monument, consisting of a large number of granite stones, placed in an oblong square. Four stones stand near to each other, one of which is always much larger than the rest. Such monuments are now known by the name of' Ehrengang,' or walk of honour, because, in ancient times, princes and chieftains, after a victory, here, it is said, made their solemn processions, accompanied with many ceremonies. Near Nehmten, between Bornhoved and Stocksee, and on the Kremsfeld near Segeberg, these monuments are in the best preservation. 3. When the church of Delve in North Ditinarschen was to be built, the people, being unable to decide on a site for it, caused an image of the Virgin to be tied on a piedmare, which they let run whither soever it would and wherever it was found on the following morning, there should their church be erected. Next morning the mare was found in a marshy spot thickly overgrown with thorns and underwood. After having cut down and cleared all this, they transferred their village thither, and named the church ' Unse leve Fru up dem Perde,' or, Our Lady on Horseback.


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