There is tremendous interest in near death experiences: their nature, their meaning and their implications for the afterlife. This is understandable. Few topics are of greater interest to human beings than what happens to us after we die, and near-death experiences seem to be a window into the truth on this matter. We have deep respect for individuals who have had near-death experiences. Indeed, we hope that our serious attention to these remarkable experiences displays our respect. We also respect the deep religious convictions of many who have thought about the significance of these experiences. In these pages we wish to address the implications of near-death experiences for questions about the fundamental nature of reality and the relationship between our minds and our brains. Do near-death experiences establish that there is an afterlife? Do they show that our mindscan function separately from our brains? Our aim is to explore these questions with the seriousness and rigor they deserve. Many people have provided us with helpful feedback on the material in this book.


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