With prescription charges rocketing and evermore drug resistant bugs and germs raising their diseased little heads many people are searching for alternatives to the traditional doctor’s medicine. Herbal Medicine - But which herbs and plants are safe to use and how can you decipher remedies from urban myth? This book holds the answer. Meander down the garden path to learn how to heal common complaints such as diarrhoea, headaches and eczema. Improve your sex life using simple flowers most of us have growing in our own back yards. Fight bugs and germs quickly with delicious recipes. Every set of ingredients has been chosen for its healing properties and great tasting potential. Heck, the few nasty shockers even come with warnings! This fail safe book takes you from interested amateur to reassured healer in a few short pages. Simple to use, it comes in three concise sections. First: dip in and congratulate yourself on the benefits of the contents of your fruit bowl and fridge. Next: learn how to make syrups, macerations and tinctures. Explore the tools of the healer’s box and discover easy ways to apply salves and poultices. Finally, experiment with preventative medicine and treatments in delicious recipes. Wind your way through weird and wonderful recipes from Auntie Violet’s Sleepy Syrup for insomnia to Baked Papaya and Ginger Soothing Hug to chase away those colds and sneezes.


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