"We see our place in Nature, we see whence we have come and where we are going,and we see our relationship to the Cosmos, and the whole of life opens up." DIONE FORTUNE


Where have you come from, and where are you going, my magickal friend? You are probably, like many of us, trying to sort out your place in the grand scheme of things. Important, personal questions—like what is my magickal style? What should I call myself? Am I eclectic or traditional? Do I want to stay solitary, or should I join a group? How can I make my craft practical and personal, as well as incorporate it into my daily life?—are some of the common issues you face. Perhaps, with all these questions floating around inside your head, you are feeling a little frustrated. The enchanting things that once thrilled you have become commonplace, and you are struggling to go further, to advance your magickal practice and to grow. I invite you to take another look at the quote at the top of this page. Go ahead, read it out loud. When I came across this quote, I felt a jolt go all the way to my shoes. It made things fall into place for me, and I thought it was important to share this wisdom with you.


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