Magick is natural; which all excellent Wise men do admit and embrace, and worship with great applause neither is there any thing more highly entertained, or better thought of, by men of learning. The most noble Philosophers that ever were, Pythagoras, Empedocles, Democrites, Plato, forsook their own countries, and lived abroad as exiles and banised men, rather then as strangers; and all to search out and to attain this knowledge  and when they came home again, this was the Science which they professed, and this they esteemed a profound mysterie. They that have been more skilful in dark and hidden points of learning, do call this knowledge the very highest poiset, and the perfection of natural Sciences insomuch that if they could find out or devise amongst all natural Sciences, anyone thing more excellent or more wonderful then another, that they would still call by the name of Magick. Others have named it the practical pare of natural Philosophy, which produceth her effects by the mutual and fit application of one natural thing unto another .The Platonicks, as Phtinm imitating Mercurim, writes in his book of Sacrifice and Magick, makes it to be a Sciesce whereby inseriout things are made subject to superiours, earthly are subdued to heavenly; and by certain pretty allurements, it fetcheth forth the properties of the whole frame of the world. Hence the Egyptians termed Nature herself a Magician, because the hath an alluring power to draw like things by their likes; and this power, say they, consists in love: and the things that were fo drawn and brought together by the affinity of Nature, those (they faid were drawn Magick. But I think that Magick is nothing else but the survey of the whole course of Nature. For, whilst we consider the Heavens, the Stars, the Elements, how they are moved, and how they are changed, by this means we find out the hidden secrecies of living creatures, of plants, of metals, and of their generation and corruption ; fo that this whole Science seems meerly to depend upon the view of Nature, as afterward we shall see more at large.


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Natural Magick - John Basptista Porta 1658