The study of what is termed natural magic or law, one can better recognise its opposite as it pushes itself over nations. The book also contains reference to how Man learned the art of herbal medicine by studying the behaviour of the animals. The son of a learned Italian nobleman, Giambattista della Porta first published Magiae naturalis in 1558. Its immense popularity prompted a revision that expanded it into 20 chapters in 1589, as well as translations into many languages, including an English edition, Natural magick, in 1658. His research and writing combine both science and magic—common in his time—to explain the mysteries of the natural world. The book expands on practical arts, such as winemaking, hunting, and planting, as well as the mysterious technique of writing invisibly on eggs, making sleep potions, and counterfeiting gold. 1 Of the Causes of Wonderful Things. 2 Of the Generation of Animals. 3 Of the Production of New Plants. 4 Of Increasing Houshold-stuff. 5 Of Changing Metals. 6 Of Counterfeiting Gold. 7 Of the Wonders of the Load-stone. 8 Of Strange Cures. 9 Of Beautifying Women. 10 Of Destillation. 11 Of Perfuming. 12 Of Artificial Fires. 13 Of Tempering Steel. 14 Of Cookery. 15 Of Fishing, Fowling, Hunting, &c. 16 Of Invisible Writing. 17 Of Strange Glasses. 18 Of Statick Experiments. 19 Of Pneumatick Experiments. 20 Of the Chaos. Wherein are Set Forth All the Riches and Delights of the Natural Sciences


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Natural Magick 1669