Knowledge is either experimental or theoretical, but is limited by sense-experience - Natural knowledge of God, through reason or revelation, is theoretical ; it cannot be experimental - Experimental knowledge of God always desired - Mystical theology Two points of view, the natural and the supernatural - They are not naturally opposed, but complementary - Natural mysticism is the attempt either to transcend the limitations of sense or to find transcendental knowledge within them - Fundamental difference between these two methods - Neither is more than a mental attitude Supernatural mysticism implies the transcendence of God, on the one hand ; and on the other hand, the inability of the natural powers alone to attain to immediate knowledge of Him - Catholic idea of mysticism - True mysticism rightly said to be empirical - Compared with sensation - The intellectual principles of mystical knowledge not essentially different from those of ordinary knowledge - What is to be understood by the Supernatural - The Via Remotion is Supernatural llumination not contrary to nature Its method.


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Mysticism Its True Nature and Value - A B Sharpe