Praeter alias meas extemporaneas preces, et ejaculationes ad Deum vehementiores: Haec una, maxime usitata fuit Oratio mea Matutina, Vespertinaque: pro Sapientia.
Among my other extemporaneous prayers and most fervent outpourings to God: this one was most customarily used. My Morning and Evening Prayer: for wisdom. In nomine Dei Patris, Dei Filii, Dei Spiritus Sancti Amen In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. Amen “In Nomine Dei Patris...”Dee implies (here and elsewhere) that he started all his Actions with the prayers on this page. This particular phrase is the standard Western Christian formula for marking the ritual start of an Office, Service, or other ceremony or rite. It is also used within a service to mark a change of focus or as a section boundary. As an example of the former, it is used at the start of the Mass, and after it is said the priest is instructed to ignore anything else going on in the church, even the elevation of the Host at another Mass. As an example of the latter, it is used in the Anglican rite to introduce the serm