As the world is filled with Mysteries which are real, so it is overrun with those which are False ; it is not easy to know what is True and what False. The senses are easily deceived, and it is only by investigation and comparison— analysis and synthesis, that we can hope to arrive at a knowledge of the Law under which appearances may be classed, and by means of which they may be tested. It seems certain that Man changes from age to age in his beliefis and knowledges ; it seems equally certain that God does not change, but is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and as he has done so he now does. To save ourselves from the error and misery of the Past, to be taught by its experience, is the part of Wisdom : for we learn through history of the strange doings of Magicians and Necromancers, that sorcery and alchymy have had their high-priests — that full-grown ghosts have stalked in the excited brains of men, and maddened the world with fear — that prophets and priests - have preached new revelations — that Fanaticism has counted more followers than Truth — that men have died in bitter agony, victims to the superstitious fears of even Christian men of the blind passions of mad pharisees. Such things have been, it is for us to ask, Shall they again be? and to answer our question. We would know the Truth, and we must study not only the Present but the Past, and thus leam to know the Future.


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Mysteries or Glimpses of the Supernatural - C Elliott