Mysteries of the Dark Moon will seek to uncover the secret of the moon’s mysterious dark phase through exploring the mythical, psychological, and spiritual symbolism of the lunar darkness. If we are fortunate, what we discover can help us to release our fears of the dark. The title of this book has not been arbitrarily chosen. The word “mystery” comes from the Middle English misterie or mysteries, from the Latin mysterium, and from the Greek musterion, or “secret rites” from mustes, one initiated into secret rites. The word “moon” goes back to the Indo-European root me-, and in its extended and suffixed forms men-, men-en-, men-s-, men-ot- has the meaning of month (an ancient and universal measure of time, with the celestial body that measures it). “Dark” has the connotation of muddy, clouded, or in this case, hidden. A literal translation of this book’s title could be read, “The secret rites of the hidden period of the month,” which, in fact, is the essence of what this book is about: a specific aspect of life cycles, the dark period, which is symbolized here, as the dark phase of the moon.


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