By the help of these powerful lights we shall explain the strange magic phenomena which scientific scoffers find it so convenient to deny, while they are overwhelmed, nevertheless, by their evidence. Yes, images tremble, statues weep, the consecrated bread is imprinted with blood, hands issue from the wall to alarm the impious festivities of Balthazar by a menacing inscription. The author of this book does not fear to acknowledge that he has himself had the most astounding and formidable visions; he has seen and touched angels and demons, as Maximus of Ephesus, and Schroepfer of Leipsic, caused them to be seen and touched by their adepts. He has been enabled to compare the hallucinations of the waking state with the illusions of dreams, and from all this he has concluded that reason directing faith and faith supporting reason are the only true lights of our souls, and that all else is but a vain exertion of the mind, aberration of the senses, and delirium of thought. He is not, therefore, writing what is of mere conjecture; he boldly affirms what he knows.


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