The state of man is exemplified in a flower : The flower falls and parishes, so shall man also become ashes. Thou couldst know who thou art, and whence thou comest. Thou wouldst never smile, but ever weep. There are three things which often make me lament : First, it is a hard thing to know that I must die ; Secondly, I fear because I do not know when I shall die ; Thirdly, I weep because I do not know what will become of me hereafter. Such are the details of this curious print : the design is superior to the execution, and is a very interesting Illustration of Man's Progress from the Cradle to the Grave. Physiologists appear to have made this mistake in speaking of Life: they have enumerated certain functions, and have called such enumeration life; now function is not life, but the result of life ; it is vital organ in action. Which is defined life as " the sum- total of the functions which resist death : " which amounts merely to this — that life is life. Bichat's definition of life is manifestly faulty in this — that it ignores the essential co-operation of the medium or surrounding circumstances in which organization is placed, and is, therefore, as one-sided and useless as any definition would be which might ignore the organism, and enumerate the circumstances as life; circumstances and individual are correlative, both in psychical and organic life ; and man's life, mental and organic, is the result of such correlation.


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Mysteries of Life, Death and Futurity - H Welby