My heart raced, and the beads of sweat dripping down from my forehead stung my
eyes. I was thankful for the ocean spray that cooled my skin under the late summer
Politics... has anyone done anything scandalous lately? It’s small town Maine, of
course not.
"... And then he showed up, and he was wearing green shoes. Green! Can you
My chest was tight, but I pushed on. It was much nicer running around the
boardwalk near the ocean than in the city streets, and it was a great excuse to get fresh
air and to clear my head. I did my best thinking when I was running. I try to make a
point of going running at least once a day. If nothing else, it helps me wind down after
a stressful day at work.
"... And to top it all off he was wearing a multi-colored hat. Multi-colored! I mean
seriously, what was he thinking?"


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