We humans used to interact with death every day, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and magically. Nowadays, we are so removed from death that it seems like something unnatural. Then it comes as a complete shock when it does happen, which is ironic because death is the most natural and singularly absolute guarantee in life. Before advancements in medicine and the capitalist industrialization of handling the deceased, it was the family and the local village who used to take care of a loved one’s corpse. It wasn’t just the body they dealt with, either. Creative and participatory rituals were developed to care for the soul of the loved one and ensure their safe passage to the afterlife. There were deities worshiped whose sphere of influence included underworlds, destruction, decay, and the mystery of what happens after we shuffle off this mortal coil. Magical spells were even developed to extinguish the life of an enemy as well as to protect us from the supernatural harm and vengeance that the dead could enact upon us. You are about to learn the magic and wisdom of the many ways we humans have interacted with death, on both the physical and spiritual planes. Although this isn’t a how-to book on crafting magic spells per se, along our trek we’ll meet modern-day living community members from various cultures who’ll share some stories and participatory dark rituals from their macabre magical practices and their personal relationships with death. And I’ll even share little takeaway challenges/activities for you to implement into your own life and practice,