Magic and money-one would think that the two are inseparable, at least if you listen to what the adversaries of the magical arts have to say. After all, doesn't conventional religion love to depict magicians as materialistic villains? Aren't they seen as people with a nasty reputation who are willing to exchange eternal salvation for materialistic gratification (how despicable!) by chumming around with elemental spirits, demons, and all sorts of good-for-nothings from the Underworld- or even with the Devil himself ? Don't they vandalize graves and desecrate other holy sites, stopping at nothing short of lies, deception, and ritual murder to gain material advantages here on earth that some well-meaning cosmic order has denied them for a good reason in the first place? And maybe there's something even worse out there than money, something tangible and cruel and as equally demonized as Mammon since the days of the Old Testament. Supposing that magic is not what its adversaries make it out to be ("ineffective, compensatory acts performed by naive megalomaniacs and/or immature children who are lagging in their development"), and is instead viewed as a verifiable art that has been practiced in every culture throughout the ages and is still practiced today, it would be plausible to conclude that such a long-lasting practice would not have been pos-sible in the first place had it been nothing but an unrealistic delusion. Prosperity Magic works.


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