Want of space will prevent elaborate and detailed proofs being given of the statements made in the following pages. Most of the statements made have been verified by more than one of the investigators into the subjects dealt with, observers who have developed within themselves extensions of faculties possessed by all, but latent as yet in most of us. Clairvoyance, Telepathy, and the indestructive ability of mind are accepted, as well as any other authenticated fact of nature. All life is consciousness: the two words, in fact, are synonymous. Wherever there is one there the other will be found, and it may be as truly said that wherever there is life there is form, however subtle or rarified that form may be. Further, all life must have vehicles through which it can express itself. For example, & physical body is i necessary to contact all that is physical. Therefore immediately we seek to pass beyond the purely physical, . say, the realm of emotions, a vehicle is necessary for its expression. So, too, when we think. We have changed our consciousness, and with that change comes a change in vehicle. Within the etheric double, or rather interpenetrating it, lies another vehicle, composed of matter of a luminous character and therefore called by the ancients the “astral" body, though this is not after all a very happy term. It is: affected by every passing thought or emotion, changing both in colour and shape with inconceivable rapidity.


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