Mind is not a natural force but was conceived either as a supernatural entity, as in the dualism of "matter and mind", or as the minding ability and function of brains, as in modern physiology. To conceive the ghosts or "spirits" as mind-beings is supernaturalism, the most reactionary mistake of humanity, which has held back ghostology so long from becoming a branch of science. The highest form of nature, or the equalization of antipolar conditions, is organic life and the result of this process is the natural ghost-world, located in the shadow of the earth, consisting of general worldstuff but in a condition of dynamic equilibrium, apolarity, nirvana and lasting happiness. All life means striving for nirvanal happiness, and, accordingly the ghosts assure us of their happiness. All spiritistic facts are in perfect harmony with this naturalistic ghost theory. I have in vain defied the mentalists, wrongly called "spiritualists", who carry supernaturalistic notions from the churches into spiritism, where they do not fit the facts, to produce a single established fact or modern spiritism which contradicts nirvanism.


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