“Doubting everything and believing everything are two equally convenient solutions, both of which stimulate thought.” - Poincaré I sometimes think longingly about someone like Leonardo Da Vinci, not because he lived at a time when almost everything was still to be discovered (there are ALWAYS new things to discover) but because he was able to grasp the whole body of knowledge available to mankind at that time. Is it possible that these preconceived notions impede our progress? We have already seen how skepticism about parapsychology has slowed down our understanding of its potential applications. Very few people like to admit that they are wrong. Although we sometimes jump to hasty conclusions, and although our preconceived ideas often lack a solid basis in fact, we become their most ardent defenders as soon as someone tries to convince us they may be false. In many cases it isn’t the ideas themselves we are defend-ng, but our own love of self. “The human mind is a great worker of miracles.” - Montaigne


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