Each planet is either superior or inferior to the Sun as viewed from Earth. Any planet at or  past the far side of the Sun is superior while any planet at or past the near side of the Sun is inferior. These determine the ensigns each planet makes to the Earth. E.g. Mars superior makes the planetary sign “Scorpio”, or purified aspect of Mars. Venus inferior makes “Taurus”, or guilty aspect of Venus. Jupiter superior is “Sagittarius” & inferior is “Pisces”. Saturn superior is “Capricorn” as inferior is “Aquarius”. Mercury inferior is “Gemini” whereas superior is “Virgo”. Venus superior is “Libra” while Mars inferior is “Aries”. Remember, these are synodic aspects or phases of planets to the Earth. As in the summary given above, “Taurus” is the energy exerted by the planet Venus to the Earth, not an arbitrary “sign” up in the sky or in the angle of sunlight in Earth’s tropical seasons. The planetary en- signs are the radial motions and velocities of planets towards or away from the Earth, either accelerating/decelerating. So we see, the planetary ensigns have both direction and magnitude relative to the center of the Earth, as called vectors. These planetary vectors are dynamic, not static. A planet’s maximum velocity toward or away from Earth is achieved near maximum elongation east or west of the Sun.


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Min's Planetary Awareness Technique - Daniel Joseph Min