Sensory perception can extend to things out of contact with the body is familiar enough, though it has not been recognised for the senses of touch or taste. That motor activity should also extend into a region beyond the customary range of muscular action is, as yet, unrecognised by science. Nevertheless that is the appearance. The phenomena which have most attracted the attention and maintained the interest of the French observers, have been just those which convey the above impression : that is to say, mechanical movements without contact, production of intelligent noises, and either visible, tangible, or luminous appearances which do not seem to be hallucinatory. These constantly-asserted, and in a sense well-known, and to some few people almost familiar, experiences, have with us usually spoken of as ' physical or psycho-physical phenomena.' In France they have been called ' psychical phenomena,' but that name is evidently not satisfactory, since that should apply to purely mental experiences. To call them 'occult phenomena' is not distinctive, for everything is occult until it is explained.


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Metaphysical Phenomena - J Maxwell