The morbid disorganisation of process and function in the body, known as disease, provides a constant problem that must ever loom large on the mental horizon of mankind. Yet although disease is always more or less definitely associated with certain physiological departures from the normal, its real significance is rarely or never wholly understood. And still less is the fact appreciated that specific forms of pathological derangement co-exist with equally distinctive types of character and temperament. It is only when an explanation is sought in the stars that the true state of affairs’ is revealed. Medical science, setting out originally with a knowledge of stellar rule and depending for the most part, in the first instance, on an understanding of stellar laws, has, with the progressive materialism of the ages, gradually ceased to take interest in the matter, until in our day even the very tradition seems to have been lost. The ancient Egyptians, however, had their astro-medical science in Jatromathematics ; and in more recent times Paracelsus termed that branch of knowledge which deals with disorders of the human organism as produced by celestial agency, medicina adepta.


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Medical Astrology - H Däath 1907