Occultism is not a survey of all things hidden from science; it is a survey of facts not yet belonging to science (I mean to positive science, after Auguste Comte's manner) but which may belong to it. Occult facts are outside of science, or in the vestibule of science, endeavoring to conquer the right to be included in the text of the book of science, or to cross the threshold of the palace. There is no logical situation which hinders those facts from ceasing one day to be occult and becoming scientific. Charles Richet calls them metaphysical. As they are really psychical, I should rather term them juxta- or prescientific. To the word "metapsychical," Boirac prefers the term "parapsychical," in which the prefix para indicates precisely that exceptional and paradoxical phenomena are in question—phenomena quite outside the known principles of thought and life.


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Marvels Beyond Science - J Grassett