The following forms of opening, working, and closing lodges are literally and truly the formularies of the three common degrees in Masonic Lodges, or that secret system which is called Craft Masonry. It has been communicated to me by Masons; it has been confirmed by other Masons; it has been the Standard Manual of Masonry, since it was first published in “The Republican,” in 1825; it has made many Masons without the lodge initiation, and, by its direction, I have been assured that men who were never in a lodge have successfully and profitably taught practical masonry. The higher degrees form the subject of other volumes. They are not common; are denominated orders of chivalry ; and but very few Masons go beyond the Royal Arch Degree. The great subject of Masonry is Solomon’s Temple. The two first secret words are Boaz and Jachin, the pillars of the porch of that temple. Through all the Masonic degrees, ancient ormodern, the subject continues to be a dark development of the building of the temple. I am about to throw light upon it. My historical researches have taught me that that which has been called Solomon’s Temple never existed upon earth : that a nation of people called Israelites never existed upon earth : and that the supposed history of Israelites and their temple isnothing more than an allegory relating to the mystery of physics generally, and the moral culture of the human mind .Hence the real secret of masonry.


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Manual of Freemasonry Richard Carlile