As surely as good lamps will lighten a darkened room, learning will enlighten a dark mind. Ignorance is mental darkness. There is darkness in every human head on subjects that have not been studied diligently. Mental darkness fills the mind of every infant. The rich and the poor, male and female, inherit none of the light of learning. Ignorance is the common inheritance of mankind. Learning is a desirable acquisition, and a credit and advantage to every man and woman who makes proper use of it. The most scholarly men and women are ignorant on subjects that they have not studied in a systematic and thorough manner. While it is a fact that the light of learning of some men is thousands percent greater than that of others ; yet there is a limit to every man's learning, beyond which he is ignorant and in mental darkness. Men often say: "I don't see it that way," referring to a subject under consideration. The fact is more of the light of learning would enable millions of men and women to see much clearer, and quite differently, than they now do.


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Man - Body, Mind, and Soul. Satan, Hell, and Heaven - SO Osborn