The astrologer seeks to realize and then establish a connexion between the changing aspects of the stars and the varying course of human life, and thence to predict events or to suggest the best way to achieve desired ends subject to the limitations of each nativity. From the dawn of history the signs of the Zodiac have been depicted upon innumerable temples and churches in every land. Civilizations have waxed and waned, but the signs of the Zodiac, being based upon fundamental principles, have continued to influence mankind. For this reason the twelve signs and their decanate types have been illustrated in detail in this book. These sketches are the result of many years’ astrological study and also artistic observation from known birth data. If this book proves helpful for the beginner to recognize the various rising signs and their respective decanates it will have achieved its purpose. The chapter on the Art of Synthesis contains a method of synchronizing the planets, houses and their mutual aspects which has proved helpful in delineating numerous nativities for those who had had no previous knowledge of astrology.


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Man and the Zodiac - D Anrias 1938