Th e following is a metrical English version of part of a. local Gaelic tradition, which was orally collected in Glencoe and about Lochawe. Soon after the popular tales of the West Highlands were published in 1860-62, one of the peasant collectors, a woodman at Rosneath, was employed to gather traditional county history and family legends for the Duke of Argyll. John Dewar collected orally from people of his own class, who still remember a great abundance of traditions of all kinds. He wrote in Gaelic.  The original tells how Griencoe was occupied at first, and gives many legends about the lands on both sides of Loch Leven. ''Duncan's son" is the patronymic of the head of an old Campbell family, whose ancestor in the main stem was Duncan, one of the Black Knights of Lochawe. The present MacDhonachaidh, Campbell of Inverath, according to tradition, is the 22nd of this branch tribe of Campbells. The date of the story is fixed about 1645, by mentionof the battle of Inverlochy, at which the hero of the tale was slain. It is true that one of the family of Inyerath married a lady of the Callaird family, and one of them fell at Inverlochy.


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Mairi of Callaird - A West Highland Tale 1878