The Maidu Indians, from whom the myths here recorded were obtained, may be said, for the present at least, to constitute an independent stock, occupying a considerable area in the northeastern part of California. On the north the Maidu territory seems to have been bounded by a line running from Lassen Peak to Honey Lake, and thence south to the eastern crest of the Sierras. On the east this crest was practically the limit as far as the extreme southern extension of the stock, at the heads of the south fork of the American River and the Cosumnes. The Washoes about Lake Tahoe doubtless forced their way at times a little over the crest, and at best this crest-line was more or less debatable ground. On the south the stock appears to have extended to the middle fork of the Cosumnes, which river forms their southern limit all the way to its confluence with the Sacramento. On the west the latter river was in general the boundary-line as far north as Chico, whence the line ran, it would seem, along Deer Creek, back to Lassen Peak.


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Maidu Myths - R Dixon 1902